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2017 NHL Draft Lottery Simulator

Lottery percentages are a guess based on the NHL saying Las Vegas will receive the same chances as the #3 team. Contact @tankathon if you have a breakdown of all 2017 odds.
PickTeamGPRecordRec.PtsPPGROWStreakL10Top 3#1 Ovr
14213-28-1270.64313Lost 32-8-048.0%17.9%
24313-24-6320.7449Lost 22-7-135.3%12.1%
44720-23-4440.93618Lost 43-6-130.7%10.3%
54417-18-9430.97716Lost 14-5-126.0%8.5%
64419-19-6441.00014Won 24-4-223.5%7.6%
74217-17-8421.00016Won 15-3-220.9%6.7%
84619-19-8461.00019Won 14-5-118.3%5.8%
94619-18-9471.02216Won 35-3-217.1%5.4%
104621-20-5471.02219Lost 13-5-214.4%4.5%
114620-18-8481.04417Lost 15-4-110.1%3.1%
124621-19-6481.04417Won 16-1-38.8%2.7%
134420-17-7471.06819Lost 15-4-17.2%2.2%
144723-19-5511.08521Lost 15-4-15.9%1.8%
154622-18-6501.08717Lost 22-6-23.0%0.9%
164724-20-3511.08522Won 15-4-1
174422-18-4481.09121Lost 15-5-0
184421-16-7491.11419Lost 16-4-0
194523-17-5511.13322Lost 15-5-0
204221-13-8501.19020Won 38-1-1
214223-15-4501.19020Won 15-4-1
224624-15-7551.19621Won 36-3-1
234426-16-2541.22724Won 15-4-1
244725-13-9591.25523Won 17-1-2
254528-16-1571.26726Lost 35-5-0
264728-14-5611.29826Won 16-4-0
274527-12-6601.33326Lost 16-3-1
284327-11-5591.37225Won 16-4-0
294328-10-5611.41927Lost 17-2-1
304429-9-6641.45428Lost 19-0-1
314330-9-4641.48828Won 16-4-0
Western Conference
C1 Min Minnesota
WC Cgy Calgary
C2 Chi Chicago
C3 Stl St. Louis
P1 Ana Anaheim
WC La Los Angeles
P2 Sj San Jose
P3 Edm Edmonton
Stanley cup 29x60
Eastern Conference
Columbus Cbj M1
Carolina Car WC
Washington Wsh M2
Pittsburgh Pit M3
Montreal Mon A1
NY Rangers Nyr WC
Toronto Tor A2
Ottawa Ott A3